Sunday, 3 April 2011

Minecraft, Oh What an Adventure

Minecraft, Oh What an Adventure

Minecraft, what is it you might ask. Well Minecraft is a very addicting Sand Box game, Where anything is possible, You can build anything and anywhere you want. Minecraft is all about adventure, You never know whats going to happen next, One minute you will be mining along then the next thing you know "Sssssss...BOOM" a creeper sneaks up behind you and blows you up. There are four different kind of monsters in minecraft you need to watch out for, Spiders, Skeletons, Creepers, and Zombies. These monsters only spawn at night and can spawn anywhere there is darkness you can either stand and fight them like a man and get there sought after loots or you can run and hide and wait for the sunlight to kill them Haha. After the night cycle is past and its starting to turn day time, your still not out of the danger zone yet, Because creepers don't  die from sunlight they keep roaming around the world so always be careful when exiting your hiding hole, they might be waiting for you. Always remember when playing with a creeper, All they want is a hug.

 Now, on to the game of minecraft there is a few different ways that you can play, you can play Single Player, or Multiplayer. Single player you are dropped into a randomly generated map which gos on forever, and you are forced to survive cut wood, making tools, gather supplies, make a shelter, kill animals and find food and armor. After collecting all your supplies you see how long you can survive building up your resources. Most people i know that play single player, they like making cities and building up alot of buildings, then once they have one city complete they like walking away and making another, The same way that they started the first, but only this time they already have supplies and tools they can just keep adding on to what they have. Once they have more then one city/town built up, they like to try and connect each town together either by roads and bridges or maybe even underground by railway car.

As for the multiplayer part of the game, there are many different ways to play the game. People all over the world can play in the same worlds as eachother help build, help survive. There is also many different ways to play in the worlds, The server owner, one guy that buys either a VPS ( Virtual Private Server) or hosts the server off his own computer, he can build up the server and make what ever way he wants, There is Roleplaying server that you play a role and act out that role with people on the server. There are survival servers, that force you to survive just like in single player. Below are some pictures of a Multiplayer server that I play in and also help Admin the server from all hackers and bug abusers.

Inshort, Minecraft is super super addictive, and really fun, I suggest anyone with a wide mind to go to and get yourself a copy of this fantastic game and give it a try for yourselves.

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